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2 years ago



(100 % true story) My wife and I had a lunch of friendship with her ​​new lover. She told me to join them, so he and I could learn to know and comply. our lunch conversation, I told my wife FB gave me all the details of his relationship with his ex hot sex had entrusted the motel. I told her lover that he agreed with their relationship because it was obvious that the two of them had strong feelings for each other. I advised them to have a mofosex discreet relationship. his beloved assured me he would do anything I did not agree and would negatively affect our marriage good, solid. had a very nice lunch and discuss many common interests and sports. I jokingly said, the two of us, " simply can not compare notes on me! " We all laugh at the load and bold comment. After lunch, he invited us to his brand new Audi in the hotel parking lot to see. He wanted us to see him test the new car. My wife and acted as his FBhot lovers in your car. She seemed unaware of my presence. before me, he would hold his hands, put his arms around his shoulders and even kisses on the cheek in the I think your lover must be pre - planned it all. mofosex It felt so uninhibited in their actions of love, because your new Audi parked in a remote corner of the second floor of the hotel parking lot. The windows of his car were tinted. A as they embraced and kissed, caressed felt the mofosex strong arms of my mofosex wife, wrapped mofosex around them. He began to unbutton her blouse and bra resolve then. Her nipples felt good fat in the chest. She admitted that she felt flattered if her Department is ogling. His hands grabbed her breasts lasciviously, his fingers gently pinched her nipples as the language in the language of kisses. He convinced her to complete her lap. My wife hesitated to strip completely in the car. He asked me my good implied, say with a wink, and then went to undress, fbrush under her skirt and then pulled from his belt. I was terrified that her naked in his car in a public place. Her lover, and assured him that no one mofosex saw it, because the car was heavily tinted. mofosex The two lovers then go to the best stroking, fondling and fingering I've seen him do. naked my wife was so angry. She admitted that she was so wet, the two men in her life around. Her lover has maintained its "tingling " (his nickname for the clitoris). Her lover told me that he has never seen a woman so sexy in your life! He also said that he admires them for their " acrobatic skills in bed " in their previous match in the love motel. Her lover and quickly took off his shirt and pants and underpants and socks and shoes until he was there, naked, to see his side of the car. His mouth opened to see his big cock again. She was surprised that they were both naked in his car in a public place. I kept assuring him that nor one can see how they have been since the new car, tinted windows. She was quiet as a soldier at attention, because it was confused at the rapid pace of mofosex events. She was completely under the spell of her lover seductive. I saw my wife suddenly grabbed strong and recovered. His cock touched her pussy covered. You are doing a couple of minutes. A drop mofosex of pre-cum hit her foot and she was a little frightened, and broke it. She laughed, and then saw his tail at the root of the roof. His mouth mofosex was open and his tongue again. She reached out and touched it tentatively. was nervous. He tried to remain calm and. His heart mofosex was pounding. mofosex He left in the car seat... He asked them if they do not leak. Really? She asked. He nodded. Uh, yeah! She said. She was leaking, and sweet, and opened as a flower, a flower of pink lips clitoris, your right to him, made ​​fun of her as follows was rewarded with agreat orgasm on his part. They we
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